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Pallavi Thakur Pallavi thakur 6 Posts

My name is Pallavi Thakur and I am an engineer and now pursuing my master's. I am very passionate about writing because it shapes my personality and connects me with world.

Siddhika Prajapati Siddhika prajapati 7 Posts

Siddhika Prajapati is an English Honors graduate and postgraduate in journalism. A freelance writer and a nutritionist, she is a fashion, fitness, art, tech, culture and travel writer, who loves to explore and experiment through words with an add-on of personal touch. Her enthusiasm for fashion, lifestyle, tech and fitness is what prompts her to write regularly.

Krutika Krutika 3 Posts

I am from an IT background along with being a techno geek, a writer is hidden in me. You can found me with my laptop either coding or writing journals.

Anushka Guha Anushka guha 8 Posts

Anushka is an aspiring Instrumentation engineer who thrives on good music, books and travelling. She has been creating content on all of this and often shares her thoughts on the technicalities behind various file formats and their processing.

Arjyahi Bhattacharya Arjyahi bhattacharya 13 Posts

Arjyahi is a Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiast who loves music, books, photography, and philosophy. She also loves nature and animals. She enjoys reading and sharing information on various topics involving her knacks

Keshav Agarwal Keshav agarwal 13 Posts

Keshav Agarwal is an aspiring Android developer with keen interest in computers, technology and development. He also has a knack of writing and loves to share his knowledge with the help of his posts.