First of all, congratulations! Your search for “How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7” has landed you in the perfect place. Here, we will have a detailed look at some of the ways to convert JPG/JPEG files to PDF files. Although most of the methods discussed here will work independent of your Windows version, feel free to choose the one that best suits your needs.

In this digital world where everything is now digitized and within the access of our fingertips, the way of presenting and sharing ideas and information has also of course seen some changes. Instead of using traditional notebooks, we are now using documents like PDFs, picture negatives have been replaced by JPGs and PNGs. Need to present an idea before your colleagues? Probably a PPT has got you covered. The main essence is that we use various file formats for various tasks as each of them is best suited for each task.

For the same reason, we might sometimes want to convert a file from one format to another. Let’s say, for example, you have snapshots of some class notes that you missed and you want to keep them as a single portable document and maybe later edit that document by adding some sort of textual content to it. In this case, your best shot would be to convert your multiple images into a single PDF file.

Essentially, you will be converting JPG/PNG files to a single PDF file. People might convert their JPGs to PDF files because:

  • Doing so makes it more organized as all your previously scattered image files are now just a single portable file.
  • It increases security and efficiency as the single PDF file can now be protected by a password.
  • It adds the scope of adding non-visual content such as text and hyperlinks to better convey one’s idea.
  • PDF is a widely accepted format by almost every system thereby ensuring that your content looks the same across every system.
  • It’s more efficient to print a single PDF rather than printing multiple images.

Now that we know how beneficial it can be to convert your images to a PDF file, let’s look at some ways to do so. So let’s get started without further ado.

Converting JPG to PDF On Windows 7 Using Online Safepdfkit

About: Safepdfkit is a free online tool to convert, combine, extract and edit your PDF to your heart’s content. With easy to use tools and services, you require no prior knowledge to use this tool and can get started within seconds. Also, Safepdfkit was designed keeping safety in mind. This means that only you have access to your PDFs and files and no one else as it uses the browser to make all the edits rather than storing them on the servers like other sites.

How to:

  • Click here to open Safepdfkit or go to your favourite browser and hit “”.


  • Click “JPG to PDF”.

    Click JPG to PDF

  • Select the JPG file that you want to convert. Alternatively, you can drag and drop those files inside the yellow box.
  • Hit on the “Convert” button present in the upper-right corner.

    Click Convert

  • Your JPG file/files will now start converting. Once it is converted, you can download it by hitting the Download button.

    Click Download

Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7 using PDFelement

About: PDFelement is a premium tool by WonderShare for professional-level PDF editing and conversion. It also offers a 14-day trial version. It comes packed with many powerful features such as PDF Annotator, PDF converter and editor. You can incorporate forms and other hyperlinks in your PDF easily using its various tools and can also collect signatures. In a nutshell, it unleashes the true power of PDFs.

How to:

  • Click here to download PDFelement if not already downloaded.


  • Once downloaded, open PDFelement.
  • In the home window, click the “Create PDF” button.

    Click Create PDF

  • In the pop-up window, select a JPG file and choose “Open”.

    Open the images

  • After clicking on the “Open” button, PDFelement will try to open your JPG as a PDF and the conversion process will begin.
  • Once the PDF will be converted, you can choose to make some edits or you can simply save it as a PDF file.

Converting JPG to PDF on Windows 7 with PDF Converter

About: PDF converter is a free online tool to convert your JPGs to PDF. It also comes with a premium PDF converter pro that has the capability of converting any JPG to PDF format with OCR advanced features that can transform scanned PDF files into editable text. It also guarantees your file safety by using 256-bit SSL encryption of all your files. This means that your files, documents, and data are secure as the company doesn’t give or share any of your data with other parties.

How to:

  • Click here to go to PDF Converter.

    Click Choose Image file

  • After opening the converter, go to “Choose Image file” and select the JPG file/files that you want to convert.

    Choose image files

  • To convert your JPG to PDF, click on “Convert”.

    Click Convert

  • Once the conversion is complete, simply download your PDF file by clicking on the Download button. You can also choose to save it to your Drive or Dropbox.

    Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7

Converting JPG to PDF on Windows 7 using Smallpdf

About: Smallpdf tool converts your JPG image or file to PDF just for free. All you need to do is just upload your JPG file. Not only just JPGs but it also supports additional formats such as GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. The developers at Smallpdf guarantees data safety by using SSL encryption to ensure that your images are entirely secure throughout the transfer. Nobody will have access to your files, which Smallpdf will also erase after one hour of processing.

How to:

  • Click here to open the JPG to PDF converter tool by Smallpdf.


  • In the home tab, click on the “CHOOSE FILES”.
  • Select the JPG file or image you want to convert.


  • After selecting the file, click Open.
  • On the upper-right side of the screen, click Convert.

    Click Convert

  • Your conversion will then begin. Once successfully converted, click on the Download button to download your PDF.

    Click DOWNLOAD

Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7 using PDF Adobe Acrobat

About: Adobe Acrobat is one of the best tools for PDF editing. Not only can you work on one single file but also batch convert multiple files at a time. To convert JPG to PDF, you just need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below.

How to:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click on the Select a file button.

    Click Select a file

  • You can alternatively drag and drop a file that you want to convert.

    Choose JPG

  • Hit the Convert button and Adobe Acrobat will start converting the file.

    Click Download

  • Once successfully converted, simply download your new PDF by hitting the Download button.

Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7 using PDF editor by iLovePDF

About: iLovePDF provides a popular PDF editor. By using iLovePDF you can also convert Microsoft word documents. You can use its free version to convert a JPG to a PDF.

How to:

  • Click here to open the JPG to PDF converter by iLovePDF.

    Click Select JPG images

  • Select images that you want to upload by clicking on Select JPG images. You can alternatively drag the JPG file/files to the iLovePDF web page and drop it in the field saying “drop JPG images here”.

    Select JPG

  • You can also change the image orientation & margins.

    Click Convert to PDF

  • To complete the process, click on the “Convert to PDF” button at the bottom of the web page.
  • Click on “Download PDF” to obtain your PDF files.

In conclusion, converting JPG files to PDF can come in really handy sometimes and now we know of the various ways to do it. Hope you try them out.