Merge and combining means adding two or more Pdf files in one document. Using merge PDF tools you can combine multiple Pdf files. There can be many reasons to combine your Pdf files like the involvement of multiple teams, where each member of the team has their different data.

Therefore to summarize the data in one there should be a need to combine them together. Another example is estate agents and archived documents. Merge Pdf is present in almost every Pdf software program some people use this feature, while others are not even aware of this.

However, there are lots of benefits of combining Pdf files. Like, vast projects require a team of two or more people and each person requires multiple plans and reports. To showcase all the reports and result it is a good idea to combine the various reports. Also, combining your files into one Pdf is the best way to share your information.

Here are the three methods to combine multiple PDFs into one:

1. Windows Method.

2. Mac Method.

3. Desktop-Based Method.

The First Method To Combining PDFs On Windows

Adobe Acrobat is the most recommendable tool for combining PDFs. Not only PDF files you can also combine and merge Powerpoint, Audio files, Excel, and word.

Below are the following steps of combining with Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Install/Open the Software

Step 2. Upload the files you want to continue and for combining multiple files click “CTRL” and select the file that you want to convert.

Step 3. Click “Download”.

The Second Method To Merge Different PDF Into One With Mac

It is a very easy and quick method to merge different PDFs into one. Below are the steps to combine multiple PDFs into One.

Step 1. In Preview Open PDF document.

Step 2. In each Preview window, show the sidebar.

Step 3. Check the sidebar is configured.

Note: If not click View> Sidebar> Thumbnails.

Step 4. Drag the thumbnail of one of the PDFs over that of the other file.

You can also copy all PDF pages from one file.

Step 5. Click the gray circle containing an arrow, if the pages in the resultant PDF are not oriented properly.

Drag the thumbnail of the individual PDF pages into the desired order.

Step 6. Save this documentary by selecting file>Save As.

Now, you can rename your file and that’s how you can merge PDF documents into a single file.

If you want to add specific pages into PDFs

Step 1. Open both the PDFs, you want to combine.

Step 2. View> Thumbnails [Make sure the thumbnail are visible]

Step 3. Press and hold the command, and then choose the page thumbnail you want to move to the other file.

Step 4. Drag the thumbnails over to the other PDf.

Step 5. Drop them if you want the pages to appear.

Step 6. Click on File and then, Export as PDF.

The third Method To Merge Multiple Page On Desktop

The most efficient solution to merge different PDFs is SysTools PDF Split & Merge.

Step 1. Download the software and choose the “Merge” option.

Step 2. To insert a PDF file click the add files or add a folder.

Step 3. To combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF document, choose the desired PDF merge option.

Step 4. Select the option “create new PDF” or “Merge in existing PDF”.

Step 5. To save the resultant PDF document, Browse the destination location.

Now, a confirmation message gets displayed on your screen.

Combining multiple PDF files in one document is easy to manage into a single report. Whether it is Mac, Windows, or any device combining Pdf files will give you the Ease of Merging and Accessibility, and saves a lot of space for your Devices.

Therefore, You must have the right tools for combining PDF files that can send our files easily with no loss of quality. You can also convert your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, or JPEG, GIF, and other images into Pdf documents.

Merge Files Using Online Tools

It is a free way to work online and there are many tools available to combine your file such as PDFJoiner, small PDF, FoxyUtils, Pdf2go, Sodapdf, etc.

Here are the few steps to merge files online:

Step1. Open your device (any tool whichever you want to use) select the first option, and merge PDF.

Step 2. Select the PDF file that you intend to merge.

Step 3. Select choose> hit merge PDF.

There are various best tools to merge multiple Pdf files into a single Pdf file. Like,

1. SodaPdf- It connects to cloud storage and is always available for the web and desktop. Both these versions can connect to Dropbox and Google Drive.

2. Smallpdf- It includes the document of conversion tools and saves merge Pdfs to Drive and Dropbox. Smallpdf enables you to easily drag and drop files. It also gives a feature to delete individual pages, while merging documents.

3. Pdf converter- Its Premium subscription comes with support and to reorder pages you can drag and drop files.

4. Pdf Basic- It works on Windows, Linux, and mac with no file limits. It has the ability to easily reorder individual pages.


The PDF file format provides compatibility, Security, mobility, etc. Combining or merging multiple Pdf pages into one can make your data easy to understand.

Doing work on paper is itself a very challenging task for workers. Sitting hours and hours just to find a page or sorting all the pages together was really a headache.

During this pandemic, most of the work was paperless. Managing, sorting, and combining PDFs pages is an excellent way of making files. There is a different method of adding multiple pages to PDF like for Mac is a more flexible and fully-featured solution. In windows, the preview app has done this very quickly and easily. You either need a free or a third-party productivity app to merge or manage PDF files.